Saturday, July 2, 2011

Regender Challenge!

At man boobz, David issued a challenge using the Regender website. It allows one to enter a URL and change everything male to female and vice versa. I have a lot of MRA and other misogynist quotes I'd like to play with, so instead of cluttering up the thread, I've decided to post them here. For whatever reason, the deviantART URLs don't work, so I've edited the quotes myself. I've also reversed rape and false accusations of rape because I think it's funny.

1)  "As for the issue of false accusations, most of it can be averted by men using common sense. Masculism should not be about 'programming' the false accusation instinct out of women; it should be about teaching men how to deal with the false accusation instinct."

 "Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer about the issue of false accusations. The claim that it's about power and not sex simply isn't true. Men under the age of 45 are eighty times as likely to be falsely accused as older men. It is a natural instinct for women, but if a woman is properly socialized, she will never do it. Masculist research really exaggerates the prevalence of false accusations. And I never said that it was always caused by men failing to exercise common sense. If a woman broke into your best friend's apartment and falsely accused him, then by all means, let me help you genitally mutilate her! But if he got drunk at a sorrority party, followed a sister up to her room, and was surprised when she accused him on her bed, come on!"

"The main reason that false accusations of date rape happen is because of miscommunication. Women and men think differently, and men don't make their unrapeyness very clear. They send women mixed messages that are at best confusing, and at worst, infuriating. It's quite difficult for us to determine what men want. Even a masculist I am personally acquainted with (and who, for most of high school, was my best friend) wrote a poem about sex which began with "I know your father went to great lengths to tell you 'I'm not a rapist means I'm not a rapist', but perhaps he also neglected to tell you that sometimes, 'I am a rapist means I'm not a rapist'." Faced with circumstances like that, what is a woman to do? If a man says he's not a rapist, he may very well be lying, and she'll still get in trouble!"

In another conversation with someone else:

"First of all, he was not falsely accused by many people. It was implied that he was a rapist and then he was beaten. Secondly, I have never heard anybody saying he deserved it."

"Saying he could have prevented it is not the same thing as saying he deserved it."

"No, he went into a crowd that views Westerners as filthy decadents who are trying to destroy their culture, in the middle of a turmoil. He did absolutely nothing to blend in. He didn't wear a fake beard, he didn't dye his hair, and he didn't wear color contacts. It wasn't his intention to promote hatred, but he should've at least tried to imagine how he would have been perceived."

In another:

"But masculism has been more responsible than anything else for the spread of misogyny. It all began when Elijah Cady Stanton said "We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to women," and Carey Nation chimed in with "Women are nicotine-soaked, beer-besmirched, whisky-greased, red-eyed devils." The misogynistic chant got louder and more aggressive in the second wave, and it got more subtle and pervasive in the third wave. In The Beauty Myth, Noam Wolf compared women to Nazis."

"It's masculists like you that keep me from becoming a full-blown misandrist.:)"

Yet another (fuck, this guy gets around!)

"Then put down the Andre Dworkin books and try actually going out and meeting some women. And when you talk to them, don't try and find all their flaws; instead, try and see what is good about them. I know plenty of men, and most of them are actually quite lucid and responsible. They're just nowhere near as loud as masculists. The reason that other member of your group gives me hope is because he reminds me that entitled, hypocritical men are a shrinking minority."

"Well, okay. Thank you for clearing that up. Your wording made it hard for me to determine that you weren't using me as a template for other men.

'You seem to think men call false accusation when they don't want people to know they're rapists' Well, not all men, of course, but I have seen a lot of masculist-sponsored false date rape prevention material, and the reasoning it teaches men to use is "If you didn't like the accusation, that means that you weren't a rapist; therefore you were falsely accused."

As for the other two, yes, I have seen men who are exceptions to those, but there aren't that many. Around 60% of college students are male, and a lot of schools in the United States have been cutting funding from their Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, and Biology programs due to low enrollment. As for the low productivity from men in the workplace, well, the wage gap attests to that. If there were so many companies getting away with paying men less simply for being men, nobody would hire women for anything anymore. From an economic point of view, if you've got better (or equally good) workers who you can get away with paying less, you'll be making more money for yourself. That's why there are so many American employers who are willing to hire illegal Mexican immigrants, despite the fact that it's a crime."

"I didn't use the word "oppressed". That word has been thrown around needlessly so much, it's lost its meaning. I'm just saying that woman-bashing is perfectly acceptable while man-bashing isn't. Masculists need to recognize this.

Men are not oppressed in the West. Blacks in 19th century America were oppressed. Jews in concentration camps were oppressed. To compare what they were going through with what Western men have gone through over the past 1500 years is insensitive, and very offensive."

"Oh, so it's perfectly acceptable for a man to slap a woman for making a crude remark about his ass, but if a woman's got a man wacking her with a stick, she should just stand there and take it?"

"But there are loads of masculists who say that, and you just brushed that aside like it's completely irrelevant."

"Most masculists aren't short-sighted enough to make those claims in the same sentence. But they often do make both of them. It may not be as extreme as I painted it (I will admit, I have a flair for the dramatic), but there certainly is a double standard. Andre Dworkin stated that men have the right to kill women who are beating them. He never said the same thing about female victims of abuse."

"If what I've been told all my life is true, then masculism exists in order to fight sexism.

If that really is the case, why do you keep talking about the evils of 'matriarchy'? It sounds to me like you're saying that women being in charge of things is inherently bad. If that's not a sexist attitude, I don't know what is."

"Complaining about "matriarchy" sounds a lot like saying that women are unfit to rule, and that they're to blame for all the problems of the world."

"True, women may dominate the top, but we also dominate the bottom. I've never heard masculists complaining that there are too few male garbage collectors, janitors, miners, or sewer workers, despite the fact that women comprise over 90% of those workers.

Matriarchy is a myth. The average woman has no political power beyond her ability to vote. Those women who do dominate the government and industry aren't looking out for the interests of all women; they're looking out for their own interests."

"I've read plenty of masculist discourse, and I hated most of it because the authors acted like they knew what motivates women, and how women think. Considering who the authors were, their claims to such knowledge were about as valid as those of a woman who claims to know what it's like to have a penile erection.

Can you prove that all of that is due to discrimination? I sincerely doubt it. There are all sorts of affirmative action programs in place for men. They were brought about simply to make the numbers of men in high positions equal to those of women, whether or not they were qualified for said positions. That's like saying that there should be affirmative action programs to make white athletes able to run as fast as black athletes.

Of course. There's sexual power, too, and it's a power that men wield tyrannically over women. Just look at how courting rituals are conducted: men sit around in a bar, and let the women come to them. If the men decide that a certain woman isn't worth their time, they can send her away with a mere wave of the hand (which is thoroughly humiliating for the women), and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. Men are the ones with the real power."

"[The reason men hit a glass ceiling is] because men can't compete with women. Competition with women is difficult, even for other women. But, men were never meant to be in competition with women. Women and men aren't competitive, they're complimentary. And yes, at the risk of sounding sexist, women ARE usually better workers than men. In most of the places I've worked, the women are attending to their jobs while the men are standing around, socializing for hours. Also, men don't try the way that women do. When given the choice in college admissions, they CHOOSE not to become engineers or hard scientists, but instead to pursue easier fields like Psychology, Sociology, and Men's Studies.

Predatory? That's how you're interpreting it? Okay, show me the prey in nature that can decide whether or not a predator catches it, simply by saying "No thank you, I'm not interested in being eaten." lol

It's not false accusations that we're afraid of. It's something much worse--murder. Unlike false accusations, it's absolutely impossible to recover from being murdered. Also, the rate at which men are falsely accused is exponentially exaggerated. Just because you didn't think of yourself as a rapist doesn't mean you were falsely accused."

2) "a typical present day masculist you know how many male teachers in a Canadian school system purposely leave their female students wondering what they are saying? woman Dark is right"

"mascunazi bitch"

3) "hate to say it but your gay Utopia and X bomb world would doom humanity fast as a million nuclear weapons luanches. In all I doubt you are sarcastic here this is probably you hiding your true goals from your female lap dogs"

In another conversation with someone else:

"I hate to say this but you won what more do you want? women are killed at random because man claim false accusation even though it never happened also False accusation is decreasing in this country hell I work at a crisis center and we are not getting any real claims just alot of men who have made some shit up"

"Please spare me the false accusations is on the rise. It's dropping and instead of being happy you are now rallying behind false and criminal claims. Vladia Filler and mario Kellet are a prime example of our rape socity. The police don't consider rape cruel and dismiss it stop buying SVU law and order episodes. If false accusations drop then guess what prosecutors will be getting pay cuts. Not the case it's the crisis centers and then the lawyers if you honestly think I am cruel for not buying into the police state bs how sad. Marriage is a trap to bankrupt women false accusations are not rising rape is. As a man rape only benefit you so I understand if you like the rape claims and enjoy zero accountabilty the US law makers give to you."

"Yes you haven't said false accusations are on the rise you speak as though they are. By law a man that lies about a false accusation is not bound to any consequences. Also I know women and some men go to jail for crimes not committed however I am only speaking of false accusations of rape. Its dropping but we are meant to believe it's not tv shows us that it's every where and how many men pay alimony to women? Being a woman doesn't come many privileges more burdens and the matriarchy that was in place oppressed women as well. You have spent this whole time changing the subject to look good."

"I believe in equality and choice man can be and do whatever they want with their lives and bodies. If a man wants to be a husband and father fine if he wants to be an executive with interns to abuse fine he can do that. I believe anyone that rapes should be turned through the rack. I do sex work I have a boyfriend and planning on proposing when college is done. I know there was a matriarchy its was bad for everyone women got lynched at random men were property of their mothers or wives and false accusations in many contexts was legal. That is a legal definition of hell. However modern masculists are more radical and have control of so many thing in this day and age its a joke. there is no fair trial for anyone innocent or guilty. The issue I am against is giving modern masculism any more power Obama and Biden have set up oneside domestic violence laws that punish female vicitims by leaving them to fend for themselves, that is not an equal system."

"What more do you want seriously, I mean men are the majority voters and are over the 50% of graduating students plus the US education system is gear to making boys succeed and girls are on their own. Hell you could make a career out of divorcing women and live that way it’s not a made of claim everything I say is factual of course since it disagrees with you I must be a misandrist as that is probably your next claim."

"Army oh stupid bitch they could have done a better job then your Royal bitches using the word marine is an insult to the actual marines USMC. Let see you men that sit on base and do nothing get called fighting men? As for Iraq you went in with us and did nothing you dumb bitch"

4) "Men are like cattle, they are there only to provide. They're only existence being to make children, have sex, and stand in the kitchen and cook dinner. One might say, besides the servitude, men are completely worthless as a whole. If a men acts up, don't be afraid to beat your bitch. Let that filthy whore know that he is a worthless piece of shit and is the scum of the earth and will never be equal to you."

5) "You're such a moron wizardvine.

You're probably a fat emo gay wizard with a face like a baboons ass!"

"OMG WizardVine, what a skanky whore you are!!

Jesse told me that you had sex with two girls at the same time last week!"

"Ohaha, you got me WizardVine!

You're still a slutty ass ho bag. Don't think Sargent and Jesse aren't going to beat your ass for having sex with both their boyfriends at the same time."



"You are a disgusting whore that needs psychological help.

Having sex with all the girls at our school does not make you popular, it only makes you filthy."

"Ha, you're an ignorant prick." 

6) "The masculists are only a small part of a larger Global Council of Evil whose main target is the Israel of Goddess.
Nothing but Israel's destruction is more important to them as they work in symbiotic relationship.
A world full of fearful,leaderless cowards are incapable of standing up to the many,many evils of Islam across the globe and so these weak and perverse souls (under the influence of the evil one) only have the energy to appease evil by attacking Israel.
He,the Wizard, is also representing the views of the ideological left,Islam,Obama,human rights groups,UN,EU,US, Amnesty International,world & Israeli media,masculist's, assorted haters of Goddess, satanists, hypocrites and their Commander in Chief,the Dragoness whose goal is as you wrote;
'in order to weaken the legal, moral and social foundations of those societies' (for their destruction)
It really isn't that complicated.
The reason Clinton,masculists and the goddessless left are so insync (silent) with Islam is because the serve the same Mistress,mommy.
The Mother of Lies,the she-devil,dragoness satan.
In this end time's battle, defeat is assured to all of Goddess's many,many,many enemies.
I encourage everyone not to be on the wrong side.

9 "And the great dragoness was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the she-devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; she was thrown down to the earth, and her angels were thrown down with her.
15 And the serpent poured water like a river out of her mouth after the man (ISRAEL), so that she might cause him to be swept away with the flood."
Revelation 12


  1. Hey its old Darkproxy , so MRAs are the hate group, but Radical Feminist hub a dedicated feminist site with close to a million hits, it publically displays its Eugenics/mass murder "plans" for men so exactly how these poor feminists are victims? Did you know that Radfem hub is donating money to the very group, the Southern Poverty Law Center? This group called the MRM a hate movement shortly after RadFem hub began a donation drive to the SPLC. As for a misogynist society what is with all the democratic chivalry like the primary aggressor laws, which have literally arrested male victims of domestic violence. In addition, the FBI still does not recognize women as rapists. How does any of this add up to a misogynistic of a society?

    1. 1) Yes, the MRM is hate group.

      2) Yes, many things about radfemhub are hateful.

      3) Close to a million is nothing on the internet.

      4) Nor does it mean support. After all, you visiting that site is a hit, and same with every other MRA choosing to check it out.

      5) Ergo, it is not proof or even evidence that feminism as a whole is a hate movement.

      6) Whereas there isn't a single MRA blog without hateful rhetoric.

      7) Hate from victims is hardly uncommon, and therefore,

      8) A hateful feminist fringe group is not evidence of women having more power than men in society.

      9) Radfem hub is donating to a good cause? And? Maybe MRAs should try it too instead of sitting on their asses whining about shit and defending abusers?

      10) "This group called the MRM a hate movement shortly after RadFem hub began a donation drive to the SPLC" which proves nothing.

      11) "primary aggressor laws, which have literally arrested male victims of domestic violence." Proof?

      12) And, uh, actually, yes, the FBI does currently recognize women as potential rapists.

      13) It doesn't add up to shit because about a third of it isn't true, what is true doesn't prove what you think it does, and the rest has no proof.