Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama bin Laden

So apparently he's dead. I'd heard from unverified sources that he'd died years ago, and I do find it a little suspicious that his body was simply dumped into the ocean without, it would seem, an autopsy, etc.. Of course, they claim to have DNA evidence, but where's the proof that they have it? It also seems just a little too convenient given that Obama's popularity had significantly fallen and now this happens shortly before the next US election, and predictably everyone's an Obama fan now.

But whatever. We'll leave all that aside. It may be coincidence after all; he really could have been killed recently. I don't know for certain, so let's go with it. And this brings me to people's responses, mostly Christians, remember.

It really should go without saying why all the below quotations are disturbing. But since I know better, I have comments to add to these.

"He should have been captured alive and tortured first!"
The man's dead, and you wish it was worse? I guess it's true that killing people really doesn't make it better.

 "I bet he cried like a little girl."
Little boys don't cry? If men cry, they're like children? A man responsible for the deaths of thousands is such because he's emotional and thus "girly"? Fuck, society hates women. So much so that people in society spout their hatred for us even when the person they're attacking happens to be a man! The man who said this, by the way, has a daughter, who is currently a little girl. Way to demonize her femaleness already.

"He doesn't need a fair trial; we know he did it! I'm glad he's dead!"
Oh yeah, that's right. Never mind that bin Laden denied culpability for 9/11 (trigger warning for some major bullshit that may offend; however, the point here is that he denied the attacks) numerous times (and if you're a terrorist, you generally want something, which you're not going to get if you deny you made the threat or committed the act of terror, so something here does not make sense). Never mind that there's significant evidence to suggest that 9/11 was an inside job. Convenient, isn't it? That no fair trial was given? That all aside, how, exactly, is the West any better than Islamo-fascist countries if we deny fair trials to people we don't like based on something we think they did? I in no way believe that bin Laden was an innocent person; I just don't believe he was guilty of 9/11, and now that no fair trial has been given, why the hell should I? Everyone, and I do mean everyone (and how anyone who claims to be Christian doesn't feel this way is beyond me) is entitled to a fair trial and is to be subject to prison (I will never support the death penalty) only after being proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Osama bin Laden has not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Thus, even if 9/11 was caused by him, a travesty of justice has taken place by this killing.

"His body should have been burned, not dumped in the ocean! Who cares about Muslim tradition? They're the fuckers who did all this!" 
Once again, he's dead. Why the hell does it matter now how he died? Are people really so blood-thirsty? There is only one group of people I can actually say that I hate with conviction: sexual assailants. All of them. You know what? I've matured enough that I won't even support the death penalty against them, I will not condone their being tortured, and I do not believe that even they deserve to be sexually assaulted. How is it that a non-Christian is able to behave more Christianly than people who claim to be Christians? Do you people honestly believe that Jesus, if he even existed, would approve? As to the Muslim thing, if you honestly believe that an entire religion should be demonized and disrespected due to the actions of a relatively very few, I sure hope you're willing to apply that to all religions, including your own (and for most of you, that's Christianity).

So let's review, shall we? We, the West, hate the Middle East because they torture people...and we totally don't. We hate them because they're misogynists...but we have no problem comparing their leaders to "little girls" when we kill them. We hate them because they're barbaric...and we show how we aren't barbaric by killing people we hate without giving them a fair trial. We hate them because they blew up two towers that had lots of people in them...even though the evidence points to otherwise.

Yeah. How Christianly. Now excuse me while I throw up.

PS. Once again, I am aware that he had committed other crimes, even if he wasn't guilty of 9/11. I am not sad that he's dead. Far better people die every day, after all. I am, however, upset that he was killed without a fair trial and I am upset that so many people think that's okay. This to avoid any comments that may try to justify this killing to me. Note: it's not going to work.

PPS. In case I wasn't clear, I am also aware that the killing took place after a firefight. Note: after a firefight, not during. If he had been killed during a firefight, that would be understandable and possibly unavoidable. But it was after. All the words count.

PPPS. How much you want to bet that a lot (not all) of the same people cheering for bin Laden's death are the same people who decry abortion by saying that "All human life is sacred"? lmfao


  1. Not guilty of 9/11 good god feminism has taken the cake and found itself a new low. No offense but the zeitgiest film is not the best source for what happend on 9/11 since they had to retract some of their statements as to what happened.

    1. The 9/11 conspiracy theory is hardly something shared by all, most, or even many feminists. There are a few, to be sure, and I was one of them, but now I'm not as certain of the conspiracy as I once was. I'm allowed to change my mind, right? About the Zeitgeist film, the 9/11 conspiracy theory was going strong well before it. I know because my grandfather was (and still very much is) one of the conspiracy theorists.

  2. Little boys don't cry actually they are told not to, seriously the only place your patriarchy exsists is in your fucking head if you want to destroy it take a gun and commit suicide

    1. Little boys cry plenty, unless I'm mistaken and my brother was actually a sister, and all my male cousins are actually girls. Clearly you don't have much experience with children. Yes, they get told not to cry, which is why they stop when they get older, as in not little boys anymore. Regardless, the point that they get told not to cry really has nothing to do with how fucked up it is to use "little girl" as an insult.

      As for your last bit, do not make such threatening remarks to me again.