Sunday, May 8, 2011

The most laughable of MRA myths

I might be late to the party here as, but the MRA myths are getting really, really ridiculous, so I just have to debunk them.

Women urinate from their vaginas. (tenth comment down) 
Lead there from Man Boobz. 

No...Just no. The vulva contains two holes. One for sex, periods, discharge, love juice, and birth; this hole stretches to accommodate and is called "vagina". The other is for urination, that's it; it's called the "urethra" and is very, very tiny. That myth, believe it or not, was used to excuse men from performing oral sex on women (female-bodied transmen don't exist to them). Never mind that cis men actually do both urinate and ejaculate from one hole at the tip of their penises. But I'm sure MRAs still expect us to suck their dicks.

Women start menopause after age twenty-five.

Peek fertility in a cis woman or female-bodied transman is actually twenty-eight, not twenty-five, and most women and female-bodied transmen don't start menopause until at least thirty-eight. Seriously, if someone started menopause at twenty-six, I'd be very worried for hir. But this myth basically allows MRA men to target only young women. It allows them a self-fulfilling prophecy that all women are sluts for having sex with the excess men that result since they don't want to have sex with women aged twenty-six and older, and certainly no fat woman of any age, or it allows them to say that "alpha" and "beta" women are all stuck up snobs who only sleep with the best, due to nothing more than the women's wishing not to be sluts.

Women don't mature past puberty.

This one doesn't need to be debunked (not that the others particularly did to anyone with the most basic knowledge of female humans), it's so ridiculous. All it is, really, is an excuse for sexual predators to avoid charges of statutory rape when they rape any girl who has begun her period. That would include the odd six-year-old. But don't worry; MRAs concede that there may have to be an age of consent after all. Their recommendation? Twelve-fourteen. I shit you not. To all female-bodied persons, I encourage you to recall the age you were when you started your first menstrual cycle. Remember how naive and innocent and stupid you were? Well, according to MRAs, you haven't changed. Not even a little.


  1. Hey, at least your cats are avid readers of your blog...


  2. Wow why on earth are you using such a satire MRA site for an example?

  3. Follow the links. I think appropriating someone else's research without citing hir is plagiarism, so I cited Manboobz. But Manboobz includes links to the actual sites with direct quotes. That's why I used some of the examples David listed.

    1. No offense but Manbooz is a drama queen. How is "I'm not going to sit back and let women treat me like shit" a threat of violence? Also he defended Valeri Solanas's attempted murder of Andy Warhol by saying she was abused by men! I was abused by women that doesn't give me a free pass to gun down Kim Kardashian, so why does it give her the right to gun Warhol down?

    2. Once again, what on earth are you talking about? I said follow the goddam links, and you responded with...what the fuck?

  4. no manboobz is using MRA jokes, I think you missed that