Thursday, April 14, 2011

Words and terms you may come across in this blog

Everyone has their own personal set. This is mine.

Enema: Replacement for "douche bag" as an insult since it is gender inclusive.

Dershbag: Also a replacement for "douche bag", but with its own meaning as well. Since the term "douche bag" is harmful to women, "dershbag" is a term for people who are themselves harmful to women, such as misogynist lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Dershbag may also be applied to people guilty of a slew of Dershowitz-like behaviour, such as plagiarism, hypocrisy, and outright lies, particularly pathological lying.

MRA: "Men's Rights Activist" "Morally Ridiculous Asshole" "Misogynist Really Angry". Whatever you want, really, but they are part of the MRM or "Men's Rights Movement", along with Miggytows and FRAs. They feel that women's equality is an infringement of men's "right" to own us.

Miggytow: An MGHOW or "Man Going His Own Way", a part of MGTOW or "Men Going Their Own Way". A misogynist so blatant that he can't even stand to be near women, unless they are from some Second or Third World country where the women 'know their place'. Some even move to those countries for fear that bringing their bride home to the West will cause her to become Westernized.

FRA: "Father's Rights Activist", like an MRA, but particularly focusing on the ownership of his children when his wife attempts to free them from his abuse. If he fails, then he does not want to pay child support, revealing how little he actually cares for his children.

Radfem: A radical feminist, an extremist of the overall movement. Much in the train of Andrea Dworkin and Germaine Greer. No, they do not hate men, but neither are they forgiving of men who do not research and come to feminism on their own.

Bitch: B.I.T.C.H or Babe In Total Control of Herself. Status thus reclaimed while reclaiming "babe" too.

Idiot: I recognize that this can be seen as an ableist slur. I use it as a noun of stupid. If enough people find it offensive, I may drop it from my vocabulary, but for now, you may come across it in my writing from time to time.

Herp Dersh: replaces "herp derp" for no other reason than that it's a stab at Dershowitz, though I also recognize that "herp derp" could be seen as quite offensive to PWDs. What can I say? I can't stand the guy. Let "herp dersh" thus stand for academics in high places who should know better, or at least people who think they know about a subject (without researching) and clearly don't.

Privilege: it goes beyond the most basic human rights and is generally something that not everyone has. The people who have the most privilege are (in no particular order) white, Christian, well-to-do, conventionally beautiful, healthy, able-bodied, able-minded males aged twenty-eight to thirty-five whom have never suffered trauma. Some of this privilege is more of a privilege than others. For example, you can be a black woman in a place of power, but a physically disabled white man in a similar position, who's health may be failing, and who may be much older than thirty-five, will still taken more seriously than you. Another privilege of the privileged is not recognizing one's privilege. Able, healthy, Christian white men are notorious for this.

"Check your privilege": to keep one's privilege in check, required by first recognizing that one has privilege.

Crazy: if someone can find a different word that means a person who is irrational, please tell me, and I will happily drop crazy, as I recognize it's offensive to those who are mentally ill. For now, I would rather use crazy than "insane", which I personally feel is much more offensive. I somehow don't think "nuts" is any better than crazy, so your recommendation is welcome.

Active Consent: or enthusiastic consent, but I think "active" covers mutual favours better than "enthusiastic". It is consent that is more than the lukewarm "Yeah, okay, whatever", "Time to do my duties", "Is it okay if I just lie here? I'm tired", "Fine", or a shrug. Active consent is something all partners involved are more than willing to do. "Yes!" is active consent; "Let's do it!" is active; "Sure!" is active. Not necessary requiring an exclamation, a sultry, "You know I want to", "If you're in, I'm in", "I want you too" are all active as well. But so is "Well, I don't like performing oral sex, but I like getting it, and I know it's the same with you, so I'll do it for you since you do it for me." Active consent is the only real consent and is the philosophy behind "Yes means yes!"

Misogyny: the cultural hatred of women for being women. A misogynist is anyone who perpetuates that culture either by denying misogyny exists (example here), perpetuating rape culture, or expressing a blatant individual hatred for women.

"Real" Rape: rape that fits into society's myths of what constitutes rape (stranger in the bushes, excessive force, victim was a virgin, etc.).

Rape Culture: existent all over the world, within the West and out of it, it is the aiding and abetting of rapists by putting the responsibility on the victims, rather than where it belongs.

Fat*: any person perceived by any person to be overweight, which is also determined by any person.

Slut*: any woman perceived by any person to be sexually impure, which is also determined by any person.

Trans*: or transfolk, transpeople, etc., any person not fitting into the traditional confines of gender (example: female sex = woman gender and male sex = man gender). Since gender is a social construct, limiting it to sex, which is biological, is rather unrealistic.

Ableism: discrimination against persons of (actual or perceived) lesser ability than average, be that mental or physical.

Islamophobia: a fear of Islam that is not part of a general fear of all organized religions.

Ageism: discrimination against persons perceived to be too young or too old to be rational thinkers or to be physically capable, etc..

Sexual Assault Apologia: the act of blaming a sexual assault victim for any reason and/or making excuses for the sexual assailant. This includes any invoking of the "rapes is an instinct" argument. Other blogs use "rape apologia" and "rape apologism". It all means the same thing. I choose to use "sexual assault apologia" as it covers all sexual assaults, not just rape, although I am aware that rape in the context used on those other blogs does cover all sexual assaults.

Hir: gender neutral. It replaces her or him/his.

Ze: gender neutral. It replaces she or he.
S/he: sex inclusive. It replaces she or he and is used when I'm referring specifically to both the sexes rather than any of the genders.

-splain: mansplain, hetsplain, cisplain...I may just lump it into privsplain. It's the act of the privileged explaining to the oppressed that their oppression really isn't that bad, that they know more about their oppression than the oppressed do, that the oppressed are exaggerating about their oppression, or just generally acting like they have a unique perspective on the oppressed groups that is perhaps more valuable than the oppressed's perspectives.

For anything else, you'll either have to ask, or figure it out yourself.

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